Monday, February 28, 2005


Umma said Onam will come soon. I am in fourth form and this is my second year in school. This year I am walking alone to school with Basheer. Last year salimikka used to walk me to school and back. Bapa says it is five furlong to school. Even he has to cross my school to go to his peedika. But he goes very early and so cannot take me with him. Sometimes he goes through the fields on his way back but i think it is a much longer walk. Umma cries most of the days and one night I thought she had gone mad. Twice I have heard her tell that it is because Bapa comes home taking that route. Maybe she is also scared of madananchettan's big black dog. I think all mothers cry for no reason at all.
Sometimes we meet Rajan near the big well while going to school and he says the three missing stones around the well fell into the well when a wild boar ran into it. Basheer does not believe it. He thinks it was the elephant which comes to the temple that did it.
Today also Ammini had fainted in class and Sarala teacher said she will take her back home and talk to her mother.
Anyway, today Raman maashu came to teach us science. In third form, we did not have science and today will be the first day when someone will be teaching Science to us. Raman maashu also teaches us malayalam. Today he told us that Ammini fainted because she did not eat anything in the morning or for lunch. He told all of us to try to eat good food at least twice daily and also drink milk if we have a cow at home. He said children should eat lot more than big people. But we have such small stomach. Maybe he was joking, like he sometimes does when he reads a story to us.
Even I dont eat much for lunch because I don't have time to. Also the kanji from morning will be still full inside my stomach. Tomorrow I should ask Ammini why she did not eat in the morning. Oh, and I have to ask Narendran about his new ball-point pen. Hope he lets me see it.